Do you or someone you love have, or are experiencing any of the following?

Work Related Problems such as
Lack of Assertiveness in the workplace
Life Issues such as
Low Self-Esteem
Lack of Confidence
Living with an illness or coming to terms with a diagnosis
Eating Disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia nervosa
Relationship Issues such as
Divorce and Separation
Bereavement- including family, friends and pets
Couples Counselling

We have trained counsellors or some people use the word therapists, who are here to help.
Who is Counselling for?

We can work with anyone from 4 years and up, unless your counsellor feels you would benefit from a different service or provider. A client needs to want to change, and talk about worries and feelings.

Counselling- what to expect

At our wellness clinic, we provide a safe, comfortable and totally confidential space. The first Counselling session is an opportunity to meet your counsellor and tell your story. You can see if you are comfortable with your counsellor to continue the therapeutic relationship. This is very important. If so you can find out what your goals are and you can agree what your needs are. This is an holistic approach and will include any medication you may already be taking. Counsellors although fully trained in this area also have the backup of our Wellness Pharmacists onsite.

Child Counselling needs a parental review first as those under 16 years of age need parental consent first. This initial session lasts about 50 minutes and introduces the child to the counsellor with the chance to air parental concerns. Following sessions will be with the child only, with another parental review after six sessions or sooner if needed.

Couples and Relationship counselling might need both present or can be done individually ,again depending on circumstancesWhatever the issue there needs to be 50:50 effort from client and counsellor. There will be homework given at the end of each session, perhaps to try a CBT tool – experimenting with a new way of behaving.

How will Counselling help?

Counselling helps by allowing you a dedicated time in which you are supported to explore issues that are concerning you. These may be things from your past, present or more often than not a combination of both. Unresolved issues can create turmoil and anguish in your life, so by gaining a bit of control in your life, talking may lead to healing.

What if it’s not for me? We know who to refer or signpost you to, whether this be your GP or mental health service, or another organisation which specialises in your area of concern. Your counsellor has your safety and best interest at heart


How much does
counselling Cost?

Individual Consultation

60 minutes £45


60 minutes £60

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Our Practitioner

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